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Florida Compact

on Immigration


We the signers of the Florida Compact on Immigration, are committed to common-sense immigration reforms to strengthen our economy and attract talent and business to our state.


We recognize the critical role immigration plays in driving economic growth. Hence, we support bipartisan immigration policies that ensure our federal system meets the needs of our labor market; finds a solution for undocumented Floridians who make vital contributions to our state’s economy; secures the border; and enforces our nation’s laws. Florida’s immigration policies should reaffirm our global reputation as a welcoming and business-friendly state.


We urge state leaders and Florida Members of Congress to adopt these six principles of the Florida Compact on Immigration:


1. FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITY: Immigration policy is a federal issue between the U.S. government and other countries. Florida’s delegation in Congress should work to enact federal immigration policy that improves our immigration system, keeps our communities safe, and protects our borders.

2. STRENGTHENING OUR ECONOMY & WORKFORCE: As the gateway to the Americas and Caribbean for commerce, culture and investment, Florida needs a robust workforce and policies that prioritize attracting and retaining international talent. Our immigration system must be flexible enough to address the needs of businesses while protecting the interests of workers. This includes a visa system that is both responsive and effective at meeting the demands of our economy. And it should acknowledge the critical role immigrants play in Florida’s economy as workers, taxpayers, and consumers. (As of 2017, immigrants contributed $7.8 billion in state and local taxes and held nearly $91.9 billion in spending power.)


3. A COMMON-SENSE APPROACH: Immigrants are part of our communities across Florida. A common-sense approach to this reality would reflect our values and recognizes the critical role immigration has played in our nation’s history and economy. Our immigration policies should provide a sensible path forward for immigrants who are here without legal status, are of good character, pay taxes, and are committed to becoming fully participating members of our society and culture — in particular, Florida Dreamers and TPS holders.

4. EFFECTIVE ENFORCEMENT: A sensible and honorable law enforcement strategy would focus on public safety, target serious crime, and safeguard witnesses and victims. We need a reasonable and predictable regulatory environment that considers the interests of, and unintended consequences to businesses, the workforce, and consumers. A broader reform effort ultimately needs to include ways that accurately, reliably, and affordably determine who is permitted to work— and ensure an adequate workforce for a growing economy.


5. FAMILY: Strong families are critical to developing successful individuals and cohesive communities. Our immigration policies should prioritize keeping close families together so as to ensure the most supportive home environments for all children.

6. COMPETITIVE COMMUNITIES: Communities that grow and attract talent are the ones who are welcoming to all. Local policies should nurture an environment that helps all residents to have the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.   


Eltrose Farms

Gulf Fishermen’s Association

MBF Healthcare Partners

Tony Argiz
Chairman and CEO, Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra

Representative Vance Aloupis, Jr.
Florida House of Representatives

Cesar L. Alvarez
Senior Chairman, Greenberg Traurig

David A. Armstrong, J.D.
President, St. Thomas University

Joe Avetrani

Mitchell Berger

Co-Chairman and Founder,  Berger Singerman LLP

Mayor Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez
City of Doral

Dr. Chad Bernstein
President, CEO, Co-Founder, Guitars Over Guns

Kathy Bird Carvajal

Executive Director, IMPAC Fund

Norman Braman
Chairman, Braman Motors

Al Cardenas

Jim Carr
CEO, CC Homes

Trustee,  Baptist Health South Florida


Alberto M. Carvalho
Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools


Ambassador Paul L. Cejas
Board of Directors, IMPAC Fund


José Costa Sr.
Senior Executive, Costa Farms

Carlos M. Cruz
President, Cruz & Company

Carlos de la Cruz
Chairman, CC1 Companies

Jennings Lawton DePriest
Co-Founder and CEO, RallyWise

Lauren DePriest
President, Gulch Group

Manny Diaz
Senior Partner, Lydecker | Diaz

Mayor Buddy Dyer
City of Orlando

Dr. Donald Eastman III

President, Eckerd College


Ambassador John D. Feeley

Mack Feldman
Vice President, Feldman Equities

Representative Javier E. Fernández
Florida House of Representatives

Miguel “Mike” B. Fernandez
Chairman, MBF Healthcare Partners

Senator Anitere Flores
Florida Senate

Dr. Julio Frenk
President, University of Miami

Pedro A. Freyre
Chair, International Practice, Akerman

Julio Fuentes
President and CEO, Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Terry Gibson
Principal, North Swell Media and Consulting Group

Enrique Gonzalez
Managing Partner, Fragomen

Xavier Gonzalez
Board Member,  Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

Jose M. Gonzalez
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Florida East Coast Industries

Felice Gorordo
CEO, eMerge Americas

Dr. Hubert Grimes, Esq.

Interim President, Bethune-Cookman University


Matthew Grosack
Partner, Holland & Knight


Dr. George L. Hanbury II

President and CEO, Nova Southeastern University


Daniel Hernandez

President, Hialeah Chamber of Commerce & Industries


Edwin I. Hernandez, PhD

President & CEO, Advent Health University 


Ivan Herrera
CEO and Founder, UniVista Insurance

Dr. Kent Ingle
President, Southeastern University

Linda Julien
Board of Directors, IMPAC Fund

David Lawrence Jr.
Chair, The Children’s Movement of Florida

Aida Levitan
Board of Directors, IMPAC Fund

Jonathan Leyva
 Executive, CEM Global


Maria Lievano-Cruz
Director of Corporate Development, Florida East Coast Industries

Mandy Llanes
Chairman of the Board, Hialeah Chamber of Commerce & Industries

Ron Magill
Zoo Goodwill Ambassador and Communications Director, Zoo Miami

Richard Marquez
Executive Vice President, L&R Structural Corporation Inc.

José Mas
CEO, MasTec

Jason Mathis

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay
President, Florida Institute of Technology

Melissa Medina
President, eMerge Americas

Commissioner Michael Mena
City of Coral Gables

Lisa Mendelson
Board of Directors, IMPAC Fund

Alfredo Mesa

Cristina Miller
President, InterMedia Touch 


Andy Miyares
Executive Vice President, CC Devco LLC

Dr. Ed Moore
President, Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida

Alonzo Mourning
Board of Directors, IMPAC Fund

Mario Murgado
Board of Directors, IMPAC Fund

Dr. Eduardo Padrón
President, Miami Dade College

Darryl Parmenter
Chairman and CEO, Parmenter Realty Partners

Alex Penelas
Former Mayor of Miami-Dade County

Helena Poleo
President, Influence Communications

Representative Ana Maria Rodriguez
Florida House of Representatives

Andres Rodriguez
CEO, Influence Communications

Armando Rubio
Partner, Fields Howell, LLP

Pamela Segal Rhodes
Senior Vice President - Wealth Management, UBS Financial Services

Enrique Sosa
Retired Senior Vice President, Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Larry R. Thompson
President, Ringling College of Art and Design

Representative Jackie Toledo
Florida House of Representatives


Mark Trowbridge
President & CEO, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce


Will Ward
President, Ward Consulting Partners, LLC


Gary Wishnatzki
Owner, Wish Farms


American Business Immigration Coalitin
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